Photogrammetry: Systems, Software and Services

Optical 3D coordinate measuring machines and measuring services

The contactless measurement technology of photogrammetry is the reference for high-precision and economical measuring in 3D. Our photogrammetric technology computes high precision 3D coordinates from two-dimensional camera images. Photogrammetry is used the quality assurance, for deformation analysis and dynamic measurements. Typical applications include the measurement of welded structures or castings as well as the dynamic analysis of kinematics and deformation. Our customers come from the plant engineering, the foundry industry, aerospace, engineering and a wide range of other industries. As specialists in optical metrology we offer all services related to photogrammetry: Sales of optical measuring systems for static applications Sales of optical measuring systems for dynamic applications Development of customized hardware and software solutions measurement services and evaluation of complex data We provide you with the exact 3D coordinates of an object either statically or dynamically over unlimited periods of time.

Optical 3D coordinate measuring devices for static tasks

Adapted to the needs of our customers we offer different systems for static measurements. The following application areas are particularly suitable for the close-range photogrammetry: Quality assurance for components up to 20m size Referencing of scanners Roundness and flatness testing CAD comparison and actual/nominal comparison Static deformation analysis The Linearis3D Photogrammetry System is portable and easy to use. The measurement process is almost 100% automated. System components are a specially configured camera, a scale, measuring marks, carrying case and accessories. It weighs about 10 kg, and the system is so robust that it can be used in almost all industrial environments. We offer three different editions with the features that you need. Photogrammetry provides a cost-effective start into 3D optical metrology for your company. Several hardware options, such as higher-resolution cameras, measuring adapters for special features or extended scales for large objects make the system even more flexible. Photogrammetry is resistant against different lighting conditions, fluctuating temperatures and vibrations without sacrificing precision.
Camera orientation
Quality assurance

Dynamic Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry is ideal for capturing and analysis of complex dynamic events. For 3D imaging or 3D video recording two or more cameras are used, which are adapted regarding their optical resolution and the frequency range to the task at hand. The optimal orientation and calibration of the cameras can be selected flexibly. We offer two dynamic photogrammetry systems: Stereo: Dynamic deformation measurement for objects up to 10 m size Video: Measuring the coordinates at high speed The results can be evaluated live or collected over an arbitrarily long period of time. Thanks to modern hardware our dynamic photogrammetry systems can also be operated completely wirelessly. All measuring system can be expanded to as many as required (special) cameras (e.g. higher resolutions or recording speeds). Just ask for an offer.

Measuring services from orthophoto to deformation measurement

If you do not need regular 3D measurements, we support you with photogrammetric measuring services by photogrammetry and data analysis services. This includes: Deformation measurements of objects under mechanical stress or climate change tests Data acquisition for reverse engineering Quality Assurance The procedure will be adapted by us to suit the task at hand. We advise you in detail on which measurements it takes to set up the system and we will provide the information you need. Simply call or write us.

Individual 3D image processing systems with the Linearis3D SDK

Using the Linearis3D SDK you can make your measurement application easily more powerful. We offer a wide variety of algorithms from 2D image analysis to determining the intrinsic camera parameters to camera orientation and adapter detection. Our image evaluation algorithms can detect an ellipse center with an accuracy of 0.03 pixels or better! We offer various algorithms for camera calibration, which can be configured depending on your application. Our software makes it possible to orient an arbitrary number of cameras relative to each other. We can control these cameras using our vendor-independent SDK, trigger them synchronously and evaluate the data. Of course, we also carry out studies on specific tasks.

Seminars and training for optical metrology

We have developed several integrated solutions for scanners, cameras and software products. Get an overview on how to use the spectrum of photogrammetry hardware and software. Explore how to make the analysis of your data more efficient. As part of our customer service we offer seminars and training on individual products and methods of photogrammetry.

Explore the possibilities

For many industries photogrammetric 3D measurement methods are part of their daily routine. The deformation measurement is a prime example how photogrammetry can lower costs and create insights that would not be possible with other technologies. But many companies and some scientific institutions might not yet have evaluated how much they can benefit from photogrammetry. From industry to medicine to skilled crafts and trades, there are countless opportunities where the new digital methods can deliver rewarding discoveries. Please contact us!