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Measurement Services

We offer a broad range of optical metrology services. Typical tasks for optical 3D coordinate measurement technology are:
  • Deformation measurements for climate change test
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Accurate 3D measurement of large objects for quality assurance
  • Calibration of equipment and fixtures
  • Kinematics and deformation analysis with up to 15Hz
Whatever your plans may be don't hesitate to contact us. A typical measurement project includes the following:
  • Planning of the measurement process
  • Measurement at your site following the steps: marking the object, taking pictures and evaluation
  • Creating a customer-specific measurement protocol and detailed discussion of the results
Typically, the first results are available directly after the measurement. We have extensive experience with photogrammetric measurements. If your measurement task cannot be solved with standardized approaches, contact us for an individual solution, e.g.:
  • Measuring adapters for special features
  • Integration of special conditions in bundle adjustment
  • Advice on measurement issues
  • Automation of recurring tasks and measurement reports
  • Seminars and training
  • Business process analysis and identification of potential for optimization in metrology