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Fire Testing Deformation Measurement PDF

The system simplifies dynamic deformation measurements of large objects that range from two meters up to a dozen meters in size. The object shown in Fig. 2 has a size of 6 x 6 meters. The marked measuring points are displayed in orange. It is perfectly suited for vertical fire testing applications due to its no-touch measurement, robustness against smoke and precision. As a result it is a major benefit for work safety. The system has been in constant use for years at several fire testing labs in Europe.


  • Two high-resolution DSLR or video cameras
  • Resolution between 12 and 24 megapixels
  • Measuring frequencies up to 0.1 Hz
  • Free positioning of the cameras in front of the measuring object
  • Unlimited measurement time
  • Live-evaluation of results
  • Accuracy in the order of a few tenths of millimeters
  • Completely wireless configuration (WLAN, battery power) possible
  • Fully automatable measurement process


  • Standard room lighting is sufficient
  • Smoke and dust do not affect the measurement
  • Bumps and shocks during measurement are compensated

Measurement procedure

The cameras can be freely positioned in front of the target. Depending on the application, either a mobile calibration device or calibration markers may be used for camera orientation. The points to be measured are identified with self-adhesive markers.

System elements

  • Two high-resolution digital cameras
  • Notebook equipped with analysis software
  • Markers
  • Tripods
  • Transport case
  • WLAN transmitters (optional)