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Linearis3D Software Development Kit

The Linearis3D Software algorithms are available as C++ and .net libraries and provide the following features:
  • Fully automatic detection of ellipses with subpixel precision
  • Detection of coded targets (Linearis3D and ring coded targets)
  • Orientation of a single camera
  • Multi-image photogrammetry
  • High precision calibration of two cameras in a stereo setup
  • Calibration of a single camera with different mathematical models
    • Distortion parameters according to Brown: radial-symmetric parameters A1, A2, A3 (on request also A4), radial-asymmetric and tangential distortion (B1, B2) as well as affinity and shear (C1, C2)
    • Extended calibration models for high end applications
    • Angle based calibration models for fish-eye lenses
Typical applications are automated measurements using robot-based cameras, frequently in conjunction with scanners.