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Linearis3D Video PDF

The Linearis3D video system detects high-frequency deformations and absolute positions with the help of at least two industrial cameras. With our modular software and hardware structure, we are able to integrate any number of cameras in one system. We offer both simple laboratory systems with two cameras as well as 20-camera systems for high-end applications. A variety of parameters like camera resolution, illumination and protection against environmental influences through suitable housings provides solutions for a wide range of measurement tasks.


  • Measuring frequencies of 250 Hz and more
  • Live evaluation of measuring results
  • Unlimited measurement time
  • Arbitrary measuring duration
  • Camera resolutions from 640x480 up to 18 Megapixel
  • Battery powered operation possible
  • flat and spherical targets

Typical Applications

  • Kinematics analyses
  • Dynamic deformation measurments
  • Positioning

Measuring procedure

The system is placed in front of the object to be measured. If necessary the system can be recalibrated within minutes. Therefore, a mobile calibration object is shown to the cameras. The software performs the calibration process automatically. The points to be measured are marked with reflective or standard markers depending on the application.


  • Two high resolution industrial video cameras
  • Laptop/Desktop PC with evaluation software
  • Targets
  • Tripod and camera bar
  • Calibration device
  • Case

Customer specific extensions

  • Additional cameras (unlimited)
  • Tracking of an unlimited number of 6DOF targets
  • Housing up to IP 67
  • High-Power LED lighting
  • HTTP- oder UDP-Interface for live measurement data export
  • RAM recording for maximum frame rates
  • Dynamic alignment using reference markers
  • Customer specific software solutions
  • Special cameras